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Frequently asked questions

1. Why build now?

First and foremost, we believe we have a mission and purpose in which God has given us to “Go and Make Disciples!” The growth we have experienced is from God and we know God is the one who adds people to his Kingdom. Our job is to equip the saints. To equip the Saints that we have and the Saints that have not entered our church, we need more space. The children’s and youth department has grown tremendously over the last several years, which is why we are desperately in need of Children’s Space to adequately provide education space that is designed for their age group. Simply put, without space we are limited to how much we can grow and make disciples. The price of building is only going up, and waiting to build will just increase the cost of future buildings. This is why we believe we must build now.

2. What is the proposed plan?

The Long-Range Planning Team, Leadership Team, and Deacons unanimously feel God is directing us to attack our needs at SmithvilleFBC with a two-phase approach. Phase 1 will meet the immediate needs of the church by adding a new educational space next to the LEC. The new building will be 2 levels with bottom floor designed for our Nursery, Preschool, and Children while the top floor will be educational space for adults. Upon completion of Phase 1, we look to begin Phase 2 which will consist of building a new worship center.

3. Why start with Phase 1 first?

Phase 1 fixes and meets our immediate needs. After much research, we have determined that we cannot fit all of our immediate needs and a new worship center, in the same physical space. We also feel that by implementing phase 1 before phase 2, it will allow the church to act Financially Responsible and not deplete all our resources. We still have room to worship and grow in the LEC. This growth will only help us build our foundation to start Phase 2 once Phase 1 is completed.

4. How is Phase 1 multi-generational?

Our church is experiencing growth in ALL areas of our church demographics. Even before the new Preschool, we were experiencing tremendous growth in our Nursery, Preschool, Children’s, and Youth Departments. Phase 1 includes 3,000 sq. ft. of educational space for Adults above the new Children’s Area. Phase 1 will also open up existing rooms which are being used by the Children’s department which will help our Senior Adults ensuring their Small Group space would be on level ground near the Worship Area.

5. How do we sustain growth? (80% = Continued Growth)

Studies have shown that when a facility reaches 80% capacity that growth ceases. We have seen this over the past several years when we were still worshipping in the chapel. Since we moved to the LEC for worship, which opened more room, we have seen our attendance increase drastically.  The last thing we want to do is to turn away people who want to come to our church, but we do not have the space for them.

6. What is the timetable of Phase 1?

We would begin raising funds for future expansion in Fall of 2023. In Spring of 2024 we would begin a Financial Campaign and acquire an architect for the project. In the Summer to Winter of 2024, we would develop plans and acquire a contractor. We hope to begin building in Spring of 2025 and occupy the new facility in Spring of 2026.

7. Cost? How do we pay?

Currently the estimated cost for Phase 1 is 3 Million dollars. The plan is to begin raising money from within the church. After some time, we would borrow responsibly to obtain the funds needed to build. We would finish off by implementing a campaign to pay of the balance.

8. Why not sell and build new?

We did consider this option because we wanted to explore all our options as a church. First and foremost, there is no need to move to a new location because we have enough property to complete Phase 1 and Phase 2. We also would hate to leave our location because it is a great location right in the middle of Smithville. Finally, for us to move we would have to have a potential buyer for our current property. Therefore, we do NOT believe we need to sell this property and move to another location.

9. Why not build up?

One question that we have been asked is why not just build up on the current educational building. One huge problem with this idea is the cost. It would cost double the price to add an additional floor. If we were to build up, we would also lose the use of our Educational Building during construction, but we in Phase 1 of the proposal we would never lose the use of current space during construction. Finally, if we were to build up, we would have to add an additional 1-2 Million dollars to the cost to bring the current building up to current codes.

10. What is going to happen to the Chapel?

Nothing is going to change with the Chapel. We are going to keep it and make sure it is available for small meetings, weddings, funerals, and other services. During this time the Youth, ELL, and other ministries will also be able to use the Chapel as needed. However, at this time we do not see any permanent changes being made to the Chapel.