Be watchful, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong.

1 Corinthians 16:13


Smithville FBC has developed D-Groups for men and women which follow what Jesus did with his own D-Group of Peter, James and John. These groups of 3-5 members meet to study God's words more deeply and discuss how they have meaning in our world today. The fellowship is meant to lead into creating trust to have open discussions of living for Christ and help us gain accountability partners within the group. After a coupe of years of fellowship they are meant to divide into pairs to start new groups to expand the fellowship into other groups.

Men's retreat

Once a year,   the men of our church go on a retreat  to grow themselves to better serve our God. Once a year we go away from church for recreation and fellowship to help build a bond between us to better serve the Lord and our church. This year we are going to fall creek falls park!

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The men of our church are asked to serve a few times a year, such as our oil change ministry for single moms, elderly, and widows during our community day events. We help with some small projects for our church members in need of help. We fill a lot of miscellaneous needs throughout the year. It's all about doing good kingdom work!

We are needed to be mentor and examples of service for the youth today. Many are living without and positive male influence. Serving is a wonderful opportunity to impact the Kingdom of God and the future of our church!

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