Facility reservations

We've been blessed with wonderful facilities at Smithville FBC. We have spaces to accommodate weddings, showers, small groups, d-groups, special meetings, ministry nights, worship services, etc.

Below is a the calendar for the LEC ONLY. To find out availability for other facilities, please contact the office.
Check to make sure the date that you are requesting is available. Then fill out a form.

Each space can be used by a church member for no charge at all.
Fill out a form below, select which space you want, and wait for a reply.
We will get in touch with location specific instructions within the next business day!

Reservations Calendar

Due to liability, facility reservations can only be made by church members. If you are not a church member, you may still use the facility under their reservation and supervision. The request must be made by a member. The member will be responsible for use of the facility during the reserved time.

Note: Audio/Visual needs may incur additional cost pending the need.
Note: If there are minors in the facility, two adults must be present.