About Us

a multi-generational church serving smithville, Tennessee, America, and the world.

SmithvilleFBC is a muli-generational church of people of all ages, backgrounds, and make-ups.  It is a place for everyone.  It is a place where you can come and be safe.  We are a community of believers who realized who Jesus is and what Jesus wants us to do (1 Corinthians 12).  You can come as you are to SmithvilleFBC.  God accepts you just they way you are and so do we.   Come Home to SmithvilleFBC.

The Mission: Love God, Love Others

Our mission at SmithvilleFBC is very simple.  Jesus shared that the greatest commandment was to Love God with all of our heart, soul, and mind.  AND the second greatest commandment is to Love our Neighbor as ourselves.  Jesus says that all the other commandments hinge on these two.  Pretty simple and straight forward.  At SmithvilleFBC we want to make sure that we do not complicate what God has called us to do.  We believe it all starts with God's Son Jesus Christ and having a RELATIONSHIP with Jesus Christ.  Jesus is not someone you just know about.  Jesus is someone you know personally.  Jesus wants you to fall in love with Him.  

It doesn't end there.  Once we have began a RELATIONSHIP with JESUS then we believe we have been called to go and be witnesses of what Jesus has done for us on the cross by dying for our sins and sharing the love to all people.  We call this Loving Others.  Jesus didn't complicate things and we do not feel like should either.  Love God, Love Others!

Loving God

We are to love God  with all of our hear, soul, and mind.  That being said we make sure our worship is centered around showing  God  love in everything  that we do.  We love God through singing.  We love God   through prayer which is simply  talking to God.  We love through the studying of the Bible in  small groups and in our worship  service.  We also love God through Biblical teaching/preaching.  We believe the Bible is God's Infallible Word of Life.  It  is His  love letter to  His  children.   Whether it is in Worship or  in everyday life we are called to Love God with everything we have.

Loving Others

Scripture tells us in Matthew 28:19-20 to Go and Make Disicples.  To us this means we have been called to go and be witnesses to what Jesus has done for us.  We have been called to share the love that Jesus has given us to all people.  Jesus was sent by the Father, Lived a Perfect Life, Died on a Cross for our mistakes (Sin), and Came back to life 3 days later.  Jesus came to restore us so that we could have a relationship with God.
Therefore we believe we must share what Jesus has done for us all.  We believe we must follow Jesus' example and serve others.  We serve others in Love.  We Love Others because we want them to know the same Life Saving & Life Changing Love of Jesus Christ.

Values: Live, Grow, Go

Being a part of Smithville FBC means being a disciple of Jesus and making other disciples.
We believe every believer in Jesus should be part of the disciple making process. This is how we do it!